Home Ownership

With home ownership comes a new  type of freedom you may have never experienced. Because home ownership matters, NLV Choice offers 1st time buyers funding resources to assist in their purchase. So check out NLV Choice and get the funding necessary for your first home.

Business Ownership

NLV Choice is a great place to start if you have ever had an Idea or a desire to start your own business. NLV Choice can assist with Capital & business development, So check out NLV Choice & become the Entrepreneur you always wanted to be. 

When done well it is about profitable growth for both the employer & the employee. That's why NLV Choice has the career coaching you need. With NLV Choice you can get connected and gain the confidence you need to pursue the career you always wanted.

Career Development

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is designed to equipped

entrepreneurs & participants of all things

financial. That's why with NLVChoice you will get the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge about money & how it works.


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NLV Choice is a North Las Vegas movement dedicated to the redevelopment of the city's urban core. There is a lot of major changes and development going on across the city as a whole and we want to ensure that the urban core is transformed and becomes progressive. How we do that is by engaging residents with a incentive based community challenge designed to motivate residents to become involved in the implementation of the cities transformation plan.

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