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NLV Choice has taken an exciting direction to a cleaner, fresher and healthier lifestyle by introducing the adventure of gardening, to the community of North Las Vegas. This haven of freshness is called none other than “The Zion Choice Garden”. It has every fresh vegetable and fruit one would need to join the journey of gardening. "The Zion Choice Garden" is tucked away in the heart of the NLV Choice Community, making it a quaint special find. The Choice Neighborhood initiative has made "The Zion Choice Garden" one of its projects in the rebuilding of the North Las Vegas Urban core. "The Zion Choice Garden" is a group project between, The City of North Las Vegas and Zion Methodist Church. The two entities came together to educate and inspire the Community of North Las Vegas, about the world of gardening. The NLV Choice Community would like to welcome, “The Zion Choice Garden”.


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