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Fitness Professional Michelle Valentine has worked along some of the best leading pioneers in the fitness, health & medical field for over 10 plus years. Michelle started as a Group Exercise Activities Director/Coordinator for Some of the top fitness chains in California, she then went on to work with Dr. Lydia Hazion who developed a program called Power Play for healthy challenged kids where she implemented group exercise classes and one on ones with healthy challenged kids and kids with autism. She then worked as a physical therapist aid at The San Antonio Medical Hospital. Her passion for Health/fitness & Nutrition didn't stop there, The Fitness Professional then took on a position working for Tyra Banks and her summer girls program called T-Zone where she taught fitness classes & mentored young girls gearing them toward self-empowerment, education & career interest, it is now with all her experience, passion for healthy fresh eating and understanding the needs of different communities. The fitness professional is excited to bring her passion and experience to The City of North Las Vegas.


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