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                         Bridging The Gapp

The NLV Choice community has expanded it's support


and discovered the importance of inter-generational 


programs, by making "Bridging the Gapp" one of it's


projects in the rebuilding of North Las Vegas Urban Core.


"Bridging the Gapp" is an inter-generational program, design


to bring youth and seniors together. Working to educate,


inspire and inform each generation about the rich history and


the unlimited possibilities of the future. "Bridging the gapp" is


partnering with the city of North Las Vegas to eagerly have


youth and seniors interacting and relating to one another, in


hopes of strengthening community and establishing legacy.


Bringing both generations together to ignite an unstoppable


movement is clearly the goal of the program. The NLV


Choice Community welcomes “Bridging The Gapp”.


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